Automation, Industries 4.0
Automation, Industries 4.0

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We are the most trusted Online Professional Educator worldwide. Learn from more than 100 courses which cut across all sphere of industrial processes at your own pace .

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Enhance your professional skills with the best

Online Courses

Enhance your professional skills with the best

Online Courses

Three Different Learning Styles

There’s a couple of reasons why it’s important to know the ways we process and retain information as engineering professionals, on this platform we’ll be using the 3 different learning styles during the course of our lectures.

1. Auditory learners

Some learners take in information through listening and speaking in order to fully comprehend certain details. our videos are develop to suit these type of learners. hence,our lectures are available at your finger tip and can be view repeatedly



2. Visual learners

Engineering professionals best absorb information when they see the material being presented. They also often associate certain subjects, ideas and tasks with images

The show me type.

organizing them as you go and Seeing the information laid out in a structured format can help you retain it. symbols ,animated videos in 3D and 2D are use to link certain concepts and ideas together in our lectures.

3. Tactile learners

Tactile or kinesthetic learners are “doers.” They can read or listen to information all day long, but for it to really sink in they prefer firsthand experience with practical applications. They take the term “hands-on” literally.

In our lectures, ideal training to fully understand what you’re doing are employed during the course of our lectures

The hand on approach, visually simulating how it obtain in industries.

because some learner will need to see exactly how everything works in real time as you take part in the process.

Popular Courses

Popular Courses

Client Testimonials Prince Ayaruja

"I'm really happy to have purchased this course.It has an incredible content and it has been very helpful for me because i now understand the difference and similarities of plc more better

"Process control engineer
Anheuser-Busch Inbev Abinbev
Ahmed Mufutau

"I'm really happy to have purchased some courses on this platform,It has really me to level up in some quater and it will be the base of my future projects

"Automation professional
Guinness Nigeria

Client Testimonials

Engineering Planning Manager at Champion Breweries PLC
Heineken, Nigeria
John Omomo

Autruo is the best learning platform when it comes to learning Industrial Practices, the platform is very intuitive and easy to use, and to cap it off Professional certificates are offerred after every courses

Client Testimonials Ronke Lawal

The most intuitive interface i have ever used.Incredible transitions and features!

Maintenance Plannner
Rc cola
Uzoma Precious

You guys created the most user friendly courses i have ever used

Intern at Coca-Cola
Hellenic bottling company

Inclusive addons

Learn the skills in demand at your convince

Earn relevant professional certificate from Top OEM in the industry

Training can be schedule to fit your needs and can be viewed repeatedly

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Learn at a go

Anywhere, Anytime.

Get the timely tip needed during breakdown and troubleshooting at a relatively fast rate on your phone

Learning at a go

Anywhere, Anytime.

Get the timely tip needed during breakdown and troubleshooting at a relatively fast rate on your phone

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