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In this video, we are going to look at Directional control valves. Directional control valves are used in pneumatic or hydraulic systems to  direct or stop the flow of compressed air or oil to their appliances.  They are probably the most used elements in pneumatic and hydraulic  systems and can be used for to actuate a cylinder, a larger industrial  valve, or air tools. The valves can have two or more ports and fulfill  various circuit functions. The function and behavior of the valve can be  indicated by a symbol. Directional control valves can be actuated by  different means, such as manual actuation or solenoid actuation.

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Course Introduction FREE 00:04:22
Current to pneumatic converter
I to P Converter 00:02:09
Modulating valve program
DCV Program 00:13:10
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DCV Quiz 00:10:00

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